About us

ConLead Performance Manager (CLPM) is a global consulting boutique for business owners, directors, and equity and debt capital investors in the small and mid cap sector. We assist stakeholders in the generation of value for their company by transforming their business.

We work analytically, and combine consulting expertise and leadership qualities. We achieve unique results through our approach and culture:

Special analysis – Plato’s Allegory of the Cave teaches us to recognise “the things behind the things”. We not only assess the plausibility of assumptions, but also scrutinise them.

Specific experience - Through our specific implementation experience, we are able to identify and overcome obstacles early in the process.

Partnership with the customer - Driven by our culture of delivering, we accept responsibility for our results in partnership with the company.

Conceptual strengths / Pragmatism - From our experience and expertise, we develop strategies which focus on feasibility and implementation.

Extensive expertise - In line with our holistic, results-oriented approach to consulting, we have wide-ranging functional expertise.

Our range of services embraces the areas of performance improvement, cash flow improvement, advisory services and special situations.

The idea of implementation-driven consulting already emerged in 2004; we are therefore one of the first consultancies to take up and further develop this results-orientated consultation model.